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Krizia Daniela Oddo

Hello, I’m Krizia, I’m 31 years old and I was born in Venezuela but moved to Italy in 2016. I started working in Italy with the only work available for people that recently moved: restaurants and pizzerias doing multiple tasks for a year and a half. I found this job online; it was a challenge because I had this fear of speaking in calls.

I accepted work in Portugal for the experience, and it made me realize that thanks to my past experience in customer service I was better than I thought. And I like it even more because I love to help people in any way possible.

I’ve been working at Foundever since September 2018. In the beginning, I was the kind of girl that was insecure about anything – always asking what I needed to do and if it was accepted. As a Senior Agent, I am proud of the support I give my colleagues and to any other people in my project that may need my help.

Working here makes me feel like I’m at home, surrounded by family. Even when I’m having my free days, I miss my colleagues, my team and all the positive energy they transmit. In my other jobs, I was really unmotivated, didn’t sleep well and was always angry/stressed about everything. But since I started this #FoundeverLife my life changed for good and I’ll keep doing my best everywhere I go. 🙂 Many special thanks to @sitel_Portugal for this opportunity to work here and to change my world.

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