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Jordan Byron Espinoza Aguirre

My adventure at Foundever started back in June 2016, I started as a customer service representative and there was something that I’d never imagined to find at Foundever. I found self-trust, when I was hired, I perceived the campaign´s metrics and requirement as so challenging and not achievable, “of course”, I had no call center experience. However, I met incredible people such as my first supervisor that shared with me motivational words on every feedback session, he used to cheer the team on daily basis by highlighting and celebrating our improvements, I really felt great by having people on my team willing to support, shared experiences and best practices to achieve mutual and individual goals, that helped to change my perspective and I became a top performer on my team. I was also given with the opportunity to know more about Foundever when I was promoted as a Quality Analyst Track Trainee, I was an apprentice. However, QA department showed me that I was able to perform as if I were on the official role, nowadays I´m aiming for a supervisor position and I really feel comfortable working with amazing people that is always applying our company´s values as building trust and working together to create team work and good work environment. The current campaign where I was assigned to, has given me lot of opportunities to initiate my coach path, the support staff is always willing to help and provide advice for me to become into a good leader.

As a max Insider I am totally convinced that I will be able to share/transmit positivism and enthusiasm in the same way that other people did it with me, I will be glad to encourage our associates to always shine as we all represent the Foundever´s excellence in customer service and also as a company.

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