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Josue Trejos

“Shout out to Foundever, a company where gender equality, diversity, inclusion and respect are put in first place!” That’s how I can really describe my experience working for this amazing company.

My name is Josue, and I am proud to work in an open-minded company that looks beyond its employee’s beliefs and preferences. Foundever has given me the confidence I needed to accept myself and accept my sexual preference. Living in a country where at times being “different” is not always well-perceived, it can be very hard to be yourself and openly express who you really are. Some companies here label you from the very beginning. Negative comments are commonly made against gay people. Consequently, limiting them to explore growth opportunities just because of their sexual preferences.

In Foundever, we are all treated equally, no matter your cultural background, skin color, religion or sexual preference, and this is reflected in the diverse environment we all live here on a daily basis. Being able to be yourself without the fear of being negatively perceived or labeled is something that keeps me motivated and focused on giving my best.

Foundever means a lot to me personally. It is a company that has trusted me and has appreciated my skills rather than my age, culture and sexual preference. Foundever has helped me accept who I really am and I can openly talk about it. Also, the company has treated me as a family member and has been there for me through even the most difficult times. This really goes beyond salary.

Kudos to Foundever, a company that is made of people and for people!

At Foundever, we don’t just promote diversity, we embrace it! In honor of International Pride Month, we’re celebrating our uniqueness by sharing stories of pride, inclusiveness and daring to be different.

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