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Karen Minda

When the news is all doom and gloom, it’s hard for even the most optimistic among us to stay positive. It’s true that we need to take the virus seriously, but we also adapt our business. The recruiting part has changed a lot in the last weeks during COVID-19. The process is completely virtual now. With tools like Adobe Connect, I do all interviews via phone till hiring, to maintain contact with the applicants despite the circumstances. It’s important that our mates feel very welcome in our Foundever family – like me six years ago.

So far so good…I am also a mom. How to keep my child, the whole family, safe and healthy during the pandemic. Homeschooling is a big thing and we have to manage the school stuff between full-time jobs and grocery shopping. So we try to be a great teacher, animator, friend, and parents… as well with positive vibes because every experience makes us grow. Stay safe!


In this unprecedented time, we’re highlighting #FoundeverHeroes to spark inspiration and positive conversation when we need it most. From adjusting to working from home, implementing social distancing measures in our sites and keeping up with the daily changes around the globe, we are  celebrating stories of success, motivation, overcoming challenges and more. Visit and search hashtag #FoundeverHeroes.

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