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Kaylee Burtch

I joined Foundever in 2012, solely looking for a job that provided stable hours and benefits while I finished school. I started my time off as a Tech Support Agent, thinking it was just like any other job; but within a few months, I had met many friends and started to really enjoy my time here.

I realized quickly that this was not like other jobs I have had; this is continually changing and always keeping me on my toes. I applied for CTT after about six months and got the position. After moving campaigns as a Coach quite a few times, I finally landed in Account Services and remained as a Coach there for a few years. I have met some great people here, including my husband. Working at Foundever has taught me many things and I think I am a better employee for having worked here. I am a much more confident employee and have a great group of people around me to learn from and grow with.

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