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Kimberly Kett

I have been working with Foundever for 14 years now. I started on the phones. My first call was with a credit card company where I needed to read a verbatim script that normally took about 2 minutes, but I was so nervous that I read the whole thing in under 30 seconds. It might’ve been a record…lol. After that, all the calls got easier. Within a few months, I was mentoring new agents and I knew this was something I wanted to pursue and Foundever is a great company that promotes from within.

Over the years I have worked on many campaigns, have contributed to our Core Interview team and last year I joined our Corporate Responsibility Committee. This allowed me to gain a lot of experience which helps me in my coaching role. When people ask me why Foundever, I always tell them it’s the people I work with. I have a wonderful team and the other day, I got the best compliment. My agent was flustered she was having some system issues and could not get logged in. We worked together and got it fixed. She apologized for being so frustrated and getting frazzled. I told her not to worry and she makes me smile every day and I enjoy having her on my team. She responded stating that I make her laugh, I make her want to do better and that I make her want to come to work. She made my whole day and it’s the number one reason why I love my job so much.

I love that I have been able to grow as a person and watch the site I work in grow. We have embraced a more people-first culture and that makes me proud to work here.

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