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Kimberly Alejandra Hernández

My name is Kimberly Alejandra Hernández. I am 22 years old, and I studied at Universidad de Tec Milenio. I have been working at Foundever for around 4 years and 3 months. I started working at Foundever just one month after my 18t birthday. I had never worked in a call center before. When I applied to Foundever, I applied with my older sister, and we were both hired. 

After 3 months, I started to grow an interest in seeing what opportunities I had to grow within the company, so I applied for the position of Mentor and I got it. I was very excited to learn new things, after a short period, other colleges and I were offered to start a project called RTE (real-time escalations) there I would take supervisor calls. After this position, I was offered a SME (specific metric expert) role, where I would help the agents that were low on their metrics for one month. I then applied to be a coach, but I didn’t get the position the first time. After a couple of months, I decided to take a chance and applied one more time. That was when I got the position. I was very excited to start a new position and learn more. I’m currently working on a new campaign as a coach.

When I hear Foundever, I think about the job that has not only helped me grow professionally but as a person as well. This was the first job I ever had and where I started to have more responsibilities. It has also been a place for me where I have made great friends. I was interested in becoming a coach when I was a mentor because once I experienced leading a small group of 4 to 5 people, I wanted to work with more people and help them reach their goals. I like helping others and watching them grow. Something that I really like to do as a coach is to get to know my staff on a personal level, such as their hobbies, personal interest, etc. Also, I like to encourage my staff to apply for an opening that they might be interested in and help them out thought the process. I always let my team know that I would like to see them one day in my seat.

The best advice I have received from a boss was, “Don’t stress. If it has a solution, it’s not a problem. Clear your mind and think about the possible solutions you have. And if you’re going to do something, make sure you do it right. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for advice.” 

FUN FACT: I was born in the USA, in Springdale, Arkansas, to be exact. Every summer, my family and I would come to Monterrey to spend our vacations here. My mom is from Monterrey and her side of the family lives here. I was 13 years old at the time. When the summer was about to end, I asked my dad when we were going back home since we hadn’t bought any school supplies and I needed to go prepare everything for 7th grade. Then my dad called my mom and sister and they mentioned to us that we were not going back; we were going to stay in Mexico. I couldn’t believe what they were telling me. I got really upset because I didn’t want to move. I was just starting my pre-teen life and the worst thing was that I didn’t know HOW TO SPEAK SPANISH. I begged my parents not to make me live here or to let me live with my uncle in Arkansas. But my parents said no. So I had to start school knowing very limited Spanish and I would get made fun of. Eventually, I was able to learn Spanish in very little time. I still think about that story sometimes and how I had to change my life from one day to another, but it helped me at a very early age to adapt to changes and learn how to speak another language.

What are your personal and professional goals for next year?

My professional goals are to keep growing in Foundever, hoping one day I can develop every necessary skill I need to one day become an operations manager. My personal goals are to look into buying a house and learning how to drive. 

Now, we want to get to know you better: 

  1. Favorite artist/band: Sam Smith 
  2. Favorite movie: The fault in our stars 
  3. Favorite book: Scary stories to tell in the dark 
  4. Favorite place to travel: I have never been to a beach, but I hope to go soon to Nayarit 
  5. Hobbies: I like watching scary movies and watching true crime films. I also enjoy buying makeup, facemasks, things for personal care. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family – that is very important for me.
  6. Which GOS principle you identify the most? Engage and Coach

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