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Kim Hanchet

My story probably starts at art college studying for a fine art degree in Exeter. This expression-ate form of communications allowed me hours of throwing paint around and pushing brushes to create abstract landscapes as a commentary to modern life.

Finding myself in need of extra cash upon graduating, I happened across another form of communication in working with people, often non-verbal and with challenging behaviours. Amongst the amazing personalities I met, I found a purpose and with communication, I helped change lives. Giving them the power of being understood through pictures and signing was nothing compared to the experiences they let me be a part of as they became who they were. Nothing quite compares to getting someone to his life long dream of flying on an aeroplane; helping him tackle obstacles to make it a reality.

Working hard to help and communicate with these people became everything in my life. I’m sad to say it consumed me and I suffered a stress break down. I tried to return to my role as Team Leader in the children’s home, but I could not break the habits of overworking and caring. I decided it was time to change my life.

I started at Foundever as a technical support advisor. I had always been good with tech and after some amazing training and coaching, I found some skills for the role. Within a couple of years, I had worked several back-office functions and started a learning specialist role. It was a smooth transition; applying the skills of managing and training from my previous life to teaching and training others to learn the Foundever service standard. But what really interested me was the processes we used, fixing them when they broke, creating guides and telling others all about it.

Luckily for me, they decided that my campaign needed a Communications Manager. I think I can thank Nath and Rich for that! I jumped at this chance and knowing that this combined many of my creative and problem-solving skills I set about the nerve-racking processes or applying for something just outside my comfort zone.

There had been no Communications Manager for the campaign before and I was handed a blank canvas. From there, we have developed a set of communications platforms and processes. We started as a small technical support campaign in Exeter and now my role in supporting this campaign spans three sites, including the amazing Plymouth Ship. We have hardly stopped over the last few years and working alongside the best team I have ever been apart of, it has been an experience to remember. The Operational Support team is one of the reasons I love my job so much; we are always striving to make it right for our advisors.

Foundever has given me so many things, opportunities, experience, training and friends! If you’re willing to work hard and participate, it can offer others the same. I want to make sure everyone knows this. I am signed up to MAX for more than just participating. I want to contribute my knowledge to make the Foundever associate experience the very best it can be.

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