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Krystina Gatica

My Foundever story started in February of 2000 when I was still a student, very young with little experience. I heard the call center was hiring and applied with a few friends. Although the training was great, that first day on the phone caused a lot of anxiety for me. But I had the support and made it. About a year later, my manager saw something in me that I had not yet discovered for myself. She recommended me for training on a new process called Workforce Management, at the time an unknown concept to us. All of a sudden one of the founding members of the Workforce Team of San Angelo. I moved from there to other administrative positions before applying for Team Manager – now titled a Coach. I loved being a Coach; the giving and receiving of team support was wonderful. I was given great opportunities to travel on behalf of Foundever, spending a week in Canada and a month in Manila, Philippines, training new hires. Experiences that at my young age and coming from the family background that I did, I would not have had otherwise.

Two years later, another opportunity came knocking. When the HR Generalist position opened, I applied with no expectations but knew that I was administratively sound, fully familiar with all things Foundever and ready to take on a new and exciting position. Again the leadership saw something in me and I was selected. This is where my career began! I found my home in HR, my calling. Still, with little to no experience, Foundever was taking a chance on me, giving me opportunities to learn and grow, something I do not take lightly. Learn and grow I did, through two mergers and team transformations, I grew as a Manager, as an HR Professional, and as a person. I was then promoted a few more times to where I stand now as a Sr. HR Manager with multiple site responsibility. Has it been easy? No! But every challenge has taught me something new and caused me to appreciate the opportunity more.

Foundever for me, is Opportunity. Experiences. Empowerment. Today, I’m just a few months short of my 20th anniversary. I appreciate each manager that has mentored me, each colleague that has come along the journey with me and taught me something, and each time someone saw something in me and took a risk to give me a shot. We are truly a work-family working together for a common goal.

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