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Raul Afan

When I was 18 years old (2007), my father told me that I had to find a job, so I launched that amazing trip.

In the beginning, it was frustrating because all companies requested a minimum of experience that I didn’t have yet. What can I do? Suddenly, Foundever called me for an interview to start working on a Natural Gas account. Finally, I got a job! But my idea was working just in the summer because I was going to study at university.

I was very happy with my first job, so I decided to combine my job with my studies thanks to Foundever for giving me the opportunity to have a part-time job.

Time went by and I asked for unpaid leave to do an Erasmus year of study in Leeds. I came back in October of 2010 and started working on a new campaign.

After some time, I changed my job from advisor to Learning Specialist. There, I had the opportunity to share my knowledge with new employees and be part of the continuous formations. Then, I was Team Manager for a short time, and, finally, I became a Learning Specialist again.

To sum up, I started my working life in Foundever. I am still part of this amazing company where I am growing every day and learning so many things: one life, one company.

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