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Linda Hensens

Hey everybody!
I just want to say that I really love working here and being hired to work from home! My site is in Augusta Georgia, but I live in North Carolina, which is about 5 hours or so away. I have worked as a medical transcriptionist since 2006, and that is a work from home position as well. It is kind of funny though. When I left the transcription industry the first time in 2015, i tried my hand at selling insurance. Ha! That was so not for me! I left that industry and went back to transcription, and this time i decided that the ever dwindling pay scale for what we do was hurting me more than helping me, so this time i I left in 2018 and I decided that I wanted to be a Pampered Chef consultsnt and I wanted to do that because I love the product line and what Pampered Chef stands for in general. I wanted to help other men and women get their food on the table quicker using our tools so that they could get out of the kitchen and spend more quality time with their families. I am still a consultant for Pampered Chef. I still love to use their tools in my own kitchen. I love doing live videos of me cooking a meal and then posting the video to YouTube, Facebook, and maybe Instagram. I love sharing my knowledge of cooking and teaching people how to cook if they do not know how.
Anyway, I decided that I wanted to work in the public sector doing customer service again. I used to do that many years ago, and I left because of my health. that’s when I went on Social Security disability. I was on that from 1999 until 2016. I decided that I wanted to get off of SSDI, and I got a job making a very decent paycheck, so I was able to get off of SSDI. That made me happy but scared me at the same time. I didn’t know if I could succeed doing customer service work in a public sector. I did that for 4 months and 3 weeks before COVID-19 hit North Carolina and we transitioned to working from home temporarily. I swear it was so nice working from home again because I had all the comforts of home with no commute time and no other people making all sorts of noise so I could get work done without distraction. Man! I LOVE working from home! I left that company to work for Foundever. The calls are interesting so I am engaged in helping the customers that get me fight fraud as well as doing other tasks for them too. The GURUs are great and they are very helpful. I remember being scared out of my mind when I got out of training. I was so worried that I would not remember something or that I would forget how to do XXX project. I worried that the lessons that we completed in training would fly right out of my head and I would forget how to do things. That hasn’t happened yet, and I am finding that I can do this work and that I am quite good at it. Realizing this makes me very happy.
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