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Nicole Lounsbury

In 2007, I was a drifting, slightly lost university graduate who didn’t really want to go into the field from which I’d graduated. I had finished my degree in English and Education and was ready to begin my teaching career in public schools when I decided that was not going to be my path. So, I took a step back and started what I thought would be a throw away summer job at a call center.
13 years later, here I am.
I started as an Agent, became a Mentor, and desperately wanted to become a Learning Specialist. But my Site Director saw something else in me. She saw a potential business leader. So, with the support and mentorship of some amazing leaders, I became a Coach. I was a Coach for 5 years. I learned how to lead people and how to balance client satisfaction, employee experience, and financial outcomes during my time as an operational leader. I would not be able to do my job, in Leadership Development, without those experiences.
The opportunities I have had to travel, support and influence others in their growth and development, and drive performance are some of my favorite Foundever experiences.
I am grateful for the Foundever journey that I have been on. It has helped shape who I am today, both professionally and personally.
And I look forward to the next chapter.

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