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Mahacine Laabidalla

Mahacine Laabidalla, Recruitment Specialist.

I joined Foundever in 2015 thanks to my brother, and today I will tell you about my brother’s battle against cancer. I remember that day very well in December 2018, it was raining, and it suited the situation particularly well.

My heart was trembling in my stomach when my brother told me he had stage 4 cancer. Tears flowed freely on my cheeks. I thought it’s not possible; someone wake me up from this nightmare. My brother’s cancer was called acute lymphoblastic leukemia, an incredibly rare blood cancer.

I remember the first time I went to the hospital to visit him, and when I saw the side effects caused by chemotherapy, that gave him a very different appearance. It was horrible to see him suffer. Over time, when I began to re-evaluate my life, the problems I complained about daily seemed less and less important. It’s easier to grumble about our problems than to act against them. The challenge was there: I want to join my brother in his battle with cancer. I will live my life and enjoy it as much as I can for him. I know that even though my brother has weakened physically, his heart and mind have never been stronger, and I will be his guardian. I must be strong for him, I must accept this situation, we can not get rid of it, we have only one goal and it is to get over it. My brother’s illness taught me to appreciate what I have and helped me to become aware. It taught me how to fight and when to fight harder. It’s been almost a year and my brother is getting better and better. He finally got over his treatment, and he’s back to work with us.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank our colleagues who supported us, and who were part of this fight from near and far.

Foundever is not only a place of work; it’s a family.


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