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Catherine Louise Lawson

So I’ve worked at Foundever for a little over two years. We moved to Tennessee and my husband could not find a job. So we went to several different job fairs. A recruiter at one of those job fairs said, “Well, you’re a veteran. Why don’t you apply?”

I was like, but I don’t need a job. So I went to Foundever and I filled out an application, and I got hired on the spot! It shocked me! I hadn’t worked in 17 years! It was a little tough to learn at first just because I didn’t have a college degree. I hadn’t been to school or anything in so long. I started working at Foundever in the Lending Department. I found out that I love talking to members. I loved learning. I became a mentor after I’d been working there for six months. I absolutely fell in love with my job! Fast forward a year and a half later, my husband finally finds a job. I’m still working at Foundever, originally I wasn’t going to stay but how do you quit a job that you love?

I am now going for insurance training. Everyone has been very supportive of what I want to do. They supported me in being a mentor. They’ve also supported me in wanting to learn Property and Casualty Insurance, so that is my next goal. The management is very, very supportive of whatever your goals may be, whether you’re still in school or whether you’ve got another job that you’re working at the same time, they are supportive of everyone.

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