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Małgorzata Molińska

In 2015; from working in customer service jobs, I found my hobby in martial arts. I started to look forward to a better future, which once by chance I was just in a break from practicing Kenjutsu, I was lucky to get a recommendation about Foundever.

My Name is Malgorzata. In Japanese that would be 真珠. (No it’s not a Chinese item in a Chinese menu). It means pearl, but to make it easier I go by the name of Mimi. I am a bookworm (Fantasy Lover) and RPG enthusiast

Ever since I joined Foundever in 2016, I was overwhelmed with the environment of the workplace. I was surprised to witness such friendly and helpful people, willing to assist no matter what. With every day that I come to the office, I feel more and more attached to the family, Foundever’s family.

Unfortunately, after a year and half my old project got shut down and I felt nervous about it, but as in life, when some doors close, some other doors open. So I joined the newest project at that time and it had been as what I ever wished for.

It is a journey worth taking; everything was exciting and overwhelming. From meeting totally new people from different cultural and ethnical backgrounds to meeting motivated and ambitious people like myself. Foundever in a way was a life-changing experience. I got to use my soft and English skills. I was given the opportunity to excel in making someone’s day, which made my day in return.

Up until I was inspired and advised by one of my mentors to look higher by developing the skills into a higher position. So I was the first to join the CGP program and becoming a CTT. Moreover, that fed my ambition and my motivation.

From one place to the other and just like that, I found myself as a Team Lead and trust me, that was terrifying at first. All these thoughts started to come; “What if I wasn’t good enough?”, “What if I couldn’t handle the team, especially from different cultural backgrounds?”. Surprisingly and luckily, I was fortunate to have such wonderful and helpful colleagues around me.

Just like that, I got attached to the team in Foundever, I got attached to the place and that vast differences in the family’s perspectives to learn, understand and gain more knowledge, as well as, experiences.

I was happy to create a team that was really working as a team. We worked slowly but precise to achieve the results and assist each other. They have put lots of trust in me the same way I’ve put trust in them. We became a close family.

Joining Foundever, even if it’s crazy and chaotic at times, is amazing in boosting up all the creative people to achieve what nearly felt impossible. It gave lots of space to express and am grateful for that.

In other words, it is a successful trip for me, with full support and encouragement from all of the family. 🙂

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