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Mariam Sadat

I started at Foundever as an agent and now been a TM for almost 3 years. Its been a great journey with dozens and dozens of amazing customer experiences, that is something I always really want to highlight with my team. Also, that we might sometimes feel a consumer can be frustrating or difficult to manage; however, the overall experience of helping someone and giving them a great service should be what we remember and value most.

My most special experiences have differently been during my time here at my current campaign, working within the pharmaceutical world the customer experiences is a whole other level and has had quite a big impact on me and my team.

We have to deal with very serious incidents at times and trying to support a consumer on the other end who has experienced something quite crucial, and we on our end having to maintain professional and do our best to support and provide a greats service has been fascinating.

One of my favorite experiences was a few weeks ago when one of my agents had a mother who called and was very distressed due to her infant baby almost being injured due to a piece of a staple in one of the medicines she had purchased for her child. My agent remained calm during the entire conversation and managed to keep the mother equally calm and showed an amazing strength of empathy which was highly needed in such a situation. The consumer felt very valued and was appreciative that she had been listened to. Due to this incident and my agent ensuring she was supporting her consumer and reporting this serious matter further the product was recalled from all stores and production stopped.

This example was highlighted within the team of what an impact our role can have and how we potentially have helped many other children getting injured by a terrible human mistake from a factory!

Looking forward to more experiences to come and to learn and grow from them to become even more successful at what we do best here at Foundever 🙂

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