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Mariam Sadatg

I would like to recognize my amazing team and staff here at Kingston Foundever.

We have now been working from home for 3 weeks and it has been amazing to see how my agents have been able to transition within this new way of working so quickly.

Although this is a very surreal time and a lot to take in every day with everything going on and that this is a new reality for us all to adjust to, my team has kept it so positive and kept the team spirit going each day.

There has not been a single day so far with any absences, everyone is signing on in time and I am witnessing such a clear and on-point communication whether its to sign in and out of breaks, joining morning Skype calls or asking for support remotely.

The workflow has been maintained and KPIs are still in green which makes me really proud to see, as they are handling their job with pride and have shown that regardless of the environment they are put under they are capable of delivering service to our consumers, client and our business.

This experience has really strengthened us all even more as a team and united us. The bonding has been very unique also as we are quite close as a team and now we get to see each other’s loved ones during Skype calls, the small touches that bring us all together even more.

We have two new starters who are undergoing a 5 weeks of licence to operate training and again the agents has been incredible of supporting their new colleagues remotely to ensure their training experience goes as smoothly as possible.

The agents have also been incredible in ensuring they connect with me each week individually for a well being and performance session, and it allows us to have that one to one experience and bond together.

We also try to have fun while we work to keep the team spirit going and continue certain activities we did while being on-site, which are to do hourly exercises together and doing a fun exercise during morning briefings. 🙂

Lastly, I would like to recognise my site Director Craig Linnecor, I think he has been incredible in his support to us all during this difficult time and the fact that he is still working on-site to be there for the campaigns that are unable to work from home is amazing. He has shown great leadership values that are quite admirable during a time like this.

I am sending all my love and best regards across all Foundever sites around the world and wishing you all to stay safe and in good health.

Best regards Mariam Sadat

United Kingdom

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