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Maribel Gutierrez Amador

Hello, my name is Maribel Gutierrez Amador. I am 61 years old, a wife, mother of five and grand-mother of one. I have been happily married for 39 years and counting, and I would say my biggest success in life is my family. I come from a Catholic raised Family, with high values and committed to know and love Christ and the church. I was taught to put God as the center of my life. I am a true leader and proud to say I lead by example. Everything I do in life, on a personal and professional level has always been with a purpose and that is to make a positive impact on the life of those around me.
I joined Foundever in June 2008, just six months after our family decided to move from Matagalpa to Managua. I had stayed behind because of the current job I had at the time. I started looking for a new job in Managua, right around the time Foundever started operations in Nicaragua. As soon as I learned about the company I immediately applied and was offered a position that hadn’t even been established yet but all of my years of experience in this field opened up for me the opportunity to become Foundever’s Site Administrator.
Equipped with 17 years administrative and management experience in the retail business of the agricultural industry, I worked as a General Manager for one of the oldest and well known stores in Matagalpa. I came to Foundever and was given the responsibility to start the administration and the facility departments from scratch, it was a big challenge for me at the time but for 12 years I’ve enjoyed this journey to the extreme. I’ve been juggling the administrative shores, purchasing, security, inventory and so many other roles to the best of my ability. I am proud to say that as part of a successful department I am one of the few members that have received recognition from one of our top campaigns as a “Thank you” for all the support they received from me when they started operations in Nicaragua.
As the Site Administrator, I am very aware of Foundever’s work processes and the interpersonal communication. Our Administration department exists to support all other departments and campaigns. We are very close with agents, support staff, management, upper management and visitors, we are in charge to upkeep all of their needs.
I love assisting all of the exciting and unique events we have in Nicaragua, planning and organizing special visits, anniversary celebrations, Christmas parties and other events, this is one of the best parts of my job and one I enjoy doing. I’ve been also a part of Foundever’s social foot prints and always helping those in need.
I am very proud to be a part of the Nicaraguan Senior Leader Team and I wouldn’t want to change it for anything else. I am a true believer that: “Nicaragua does it better”.
Foundever Nicaragua has a very special place in my heart and my life. Along these 12 years as part of the Site family I’ve worked with very special people, for some I have witness their growth from agents all the way up to Directors, I have made tons of friends along the way and all associates know that my door is always open for them. Because of the unprecedented times caused by the pandemic I have been forced to work from home, but when I am able to come back to the office I love how everyone, from the security guard to the cleaning crew, agents and up to management, all come knocking on my door and say:
“Welcome back doña Mari, we’ve miss you”

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