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Mecy Ann Celedonio

I was a homemaker and a mother of four, but the situation during the pandemic forced me to find employment. I tried my luck in BPO and started working for Foundever last July 19, 2022. Being a working mom is not an easy feat. I have to juggle my job and my kids. It’s so much harder than I thought it would be, but I don’t want my girls to see me just as their mother but as their mom with a dream. This job made me feel empowered and independent. I am very proud that I am earning my own money and it feels so good to buy things for my kids. Up to this day, I am very happy with my job. This year, I am targeting career growth. I am partnering with my coach to upskill me as a future leader. I know there are efforts to be made and I am willing to take on a new task in preparation for my growth. There is no shortcut and I wanted to work with sincerity and integrity. I am working on consistently improving my performance while helping out my peers.


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