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Melvin Ariel Lopez Rodriguez

My journey with Foundever started back in 2009 in the first Foundever account ever in Nicaragua. It was my first job in Nicaragua after being 9 years living in US. I started to love my job since day one, it was a fun environment, great support, great leaders and I felt I was learning something new. I became a supervisor and it was a great experience since I found myself growing as a professional and as a person. I had to leave the country for personal reasons but came back after 6 months being out of Nicaragua. When I came back I did not have a doubt in where I wanted to go to apply for a job. I was assigned to the largest campaign in February of 2013 and Foundever gave me a second chance to become a supervisor. It’s been an 8 years journey since then and Foundever has given me a lot. I had the opportunity to support other Foundever site outside Nicaragua; it helped me to buy my own house in 2019, I own our very own transportation method. It gave the chance to meet new teammates that became friends and it gave me the opportunity to meet friends that became family. My continuous learning. Today I have 2 beautiful daughters, a wonderful wife, a comfortable home and Foundever has been there to witness and be part of my personal journey. I am very grateful with this company for everything that has been invested on their employees.

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