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Meylin Palacios Gutierrez

I started my Foundever life on January 28, 2021.

My name is Meylin. I’m from La Concepción, Masaya. I am an entrepreneur and I am passionate about makeup, digital marketing and innovation. I started my business back in 2020 selling makeup and offering my makeup services since 2018. This is a great experience that is continually teaching me how to bring the best customer experience and sales tricks. In January I received the call from Foundever and I was very excited because I had studied English since 2013 in High school. I felt amazing when I got the call because it was my second time applying for the job, and I had finally gotten it. I started my journey in which I learned many new things. I learned how to deal with customers, how to work with metrics, etc. One of the things that impacted the most was that I have always doubted of myself so the fact that Foundever had given me the chance to work and had believed in me it really made the difference. I feel so grateful with Foundever because the believed in me.

I cried with my first call because I felt like I couldn’t do it but then with the support I got from my my peers since we are a team and we always support each other made feel like I can do anything in life. It’s all about believing in yourself, your dreams and your team.

At Foundever I have found friend, so much support and many benefits such as Transportation, meals and the most fun and best activities.  I have wonderful ideas that can contribute to MAX such as my great and enthusiastic spirit, my kindness and voice. I would love to keep sharing with other and help them work and improve their ideas. Thank you Foundever.

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