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Mulleti vaishnavi

Hi, I am Vaishnavi from India. I am working at Foundever presently! It was a cold winter’s day when I first joined Foundever India. The weather had taken a toll on my health, but the excitement was sky-high, and my warm and friendly, welcoming team made me feel immediately comfortable. Over the next couple of weeks, I realized I belonged to a super-talented support team. From there, my journey began under the guidance of my Team leader. Interestingly, the entire process was driven by female leadership,Coaches, Quality Analyst our operations manager which not only made me comfortable in my day-to-day job, but also inspired me to grow each and ever day and Foundever is a place where we learn new things and a place where we gain knowledge so yes The world doesn’t need any one of us to think smaller, the world needs us all to dream bigger, to be bolder, and figure out what makes us come alive it only happens in Foundever company.

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