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Maria Paula Pineda

What does #FoundeverLife mean to you?

Growth and teamwork

What do you like the most about #FoundeverLife?

I love the people I work with. It definitely wouldn’t be the same without the great energy everywhere you go, and the friends you make here.

A brief summary about your #FoundeverLife.

Foundever was my first work experience, so I learned many useful life lessons during my first couple years. With help of the team around me I started building the commitment and patience that you need to start putting yourself out there. The biggest challenges I’ve faced here have been hearing “no” a few times when trying to grow, but I 100% wouldn’t be the same person I am now without those moments. I’m super proud to say that my time in the staff team started with the Language department, and then as part of the Development team. I couldn’t ask for a better job and life experience – I’ve been able to do what I love, share it with others so they can grow too, and learn every day from them at the same time.


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