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Naomi Roche

So this is where my journey started with Foundever, over 5 years ago.

On September 1st, 2014 when I officially started my training, I had just come home from travelling in August and received the call to tell me I got the job!

The role was of a Sales Advisor and I would be based in Stratford. I had so many emotions wondering about how different the job would be for me.

The training was a great experience for me, it got myself and the rest of the team out of our shells. Still to this day I have friends that I met during the training. It’s great to see how the people still working for Foundever from my training group have all progressed and are all doing great things in different departments across the UK.

Being a Sales Advisor for Foundever had a great atmosphere, the vibe and morale across the floor was always upbeat and fun; which encouraged us all to strive for more.

Then in November 2014, we moved over to our brand new site (Sherbourne House). When the site opened there were only around 20 of us and soon after the site was slowly growing and different campaigns were joining.

I was always promoting to my friends to come to join me at Foundever and I was referring so many people.

After working across several departments for the client on Sales campaigns, I was then chosen to support new groups joining the team by coaching them. I think a great thing about Foundever is recognition.

During my time coaching, I fell pregnant and left for maternity in July 2015. On August 17th, 2015 I had a beautiful little girl called Alyssia who is my little bundle of joy. Whilst I was on maternity I was often still returning for visits to see all my colleges and managers.

In February of 2016, I returned to the same role doing part-time hours, roughly 23 hours per week. It was great being back at work, within 2 months I was back supporting team managers and looking over a small team of my own.

Around the summer of 2016, there was a team manager vacancy that I applied for. During the assessment process, I was approached by the Recruitment Manager to see if I would be interested in joining the recruitment team. I was always interested in recruitment and even doing assessment centres it would be fair to say that it was my favourite part of running a team.

We opened a brand new site in Earlsdon Park and I was over the moon that it would be my responsibility to fill a great new site full of great new associates.

Recruitment here is very fast-paced. We attended loads of job fairs, workshops, etc. I enjoyed this part of my time at Foundever, getting to learn all the different skills that our candidates would be bringing into the new site.

By January of 2017, we nearly had a full site. Since then the site kept growing and growing. Over time, I supported and visited other sites supporting the recruitment teams there.

In 2019 I was promoted to the Recruitment Manager position which was a bit of a surprise but also really exciting. It’s amazing to look back and think that when I first got the call back in 2014 I thought this was going to be just a stop-gap role.

I would never imagine I would be where I am now with Foundever. I’ve had some of the most amazing experiences along the way, meeting so many great work colleagues and friends. Every day is different, especially due to the high volume of recruitment and it does make me feel so proud of the recruitment team here at Earlsdon Park.

I cannot express enough gratitude to Foundever for how much opportunity it has given me over the years. This has been the most amazing opportunity for me and I still look forward to coming to work for Foundever every day.

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