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Neil N.

I was in a relationship with a different BPO company. I was very happy at the time and we had been together for more than three years. Unfortunately, something happened. I was very disappointed with her and that’s the reason why we broke up.

I was alone at that time and suddenly, my friend introduced me to her (Foundever). My friend told me that she is very kind and will love me, whoever I am. So I went to the place where my friend mentioned she is staying at (HR). I was interrogated by her family (Interviewer and Managers). I was asked so many questions and also asked if I was really serious about her. I said I would do everything to be with her and if waiting means being able to be with her, I’ll wait. Luckily I was accepted by them. We’ve been together now for nine months and it’s our Monthsary today on October 11, 2019. I am very happy that I met her because she helped me to move forward and be a better person. I hope she will be my last.

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