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Maria Slavtcheva

This is not the first time I share my story on how I joined Foundever, and this is because, interestingly enough, it was really a matter of fate. First, I have to say that I never thought I would work at a contact center, even more so one with such engagement and a sense of belonging.

In 2017, I had quite a busy life taking care of my then six-year-old son; volunteering to teach Bulgarian to the refugees in the refugee camp in Sofia, Bulgaria, studying for a Masters in Psychology; and intensively practicing yoga. Still, my savings started diminishing, and I had to fit a part-time job in my schedule. Therefore, convenience, flexibility and location were on top of my list when looking for such an opportunity.

One day, as I was walking down the boulevard close to home, I saw the neat business building next to a park that I knew from my childhood, and I clearly remember saying to myself, “Oh! This is so close to home; it would be so nice to work in that building…”

Two weeks later, I received a call from a former colleague of mine from the university, who at that time worked in HR at Foundever. She told me with surprise, “Maria, I’m reading your CV in front of me?!” At that time, an HR agency was handling my CV and applying for jobs on my behalf, so I didn’t know where my portfolio was heading to and I wasn’t aware I had applied to a job at Foundever. So I got an invitation for an interview the same day and started working quickly. Working as a tech support associate is super dynamic, challenging as I am not that tech savvy but I had a great trainer; plus I’ve received massive support from my colleagues and had tons of fun with them.

Foundever revealed itself as the most vibrant, friendly, down to earth working environment. I cherish every moment spent – all the good times, all the hard times I shared with everyone here, plus all the outings, hikes and other activities I did with my colleagues who became my friends.
Now, having gone through the Growth Point Program, which was super useful, I grew into a learning specialist role, and I continue my Foundever journey.

Being part of MAX as a MAXPert helps me further connect with the people on the site, and also on a global scale. So, my Foundever family gets bigger! J Life is so dynamic and colorful and so is my job. Hopefully, with the help of you, the people, we are going to make this place even better.

I came back to where I started. The bottom line is to be careful what you wish for, as there is a great chance your wish will come true just like mine.

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