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Nicole Scherz

I’m still at the site and I’m experiencing “the decline” every day… Fewer and fewer colleagues come here, because they can, thank God, work from home to survive the crisis. I think it’s megacool how Foundever became active here and especially our boss, Denis, who puts everything into motion to lets everyone work from home if possible. In the “case of the worst” we at least have the certainty that for most of the businesses we cover, things can go on. That saves all of us and our jobs!

I am aware of how difficult of course, this change is for most people. On the one hand, one misses the colleagues from the open-plan office and on the other hand, the conditions at home are usually not the same as in the office; no matter whether the chair, the table, the soundscape and often, of course, children have to be taken care of. This makes many things more difficult. The fact is, I am grateful to each and every one of them, who ultimately secure all our jobs with their commitment at home.

I’m looking forward to the “afterwards” – when everyone comes back and we will certainly enjoy working together even more in a company like ours. Until then, I wish all my colleagues “Hang in there, stay healthy and optimistic!”


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