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Paul Jordan Abrenica

It was one of the best decisions I made when I applied and got hired here at Foundever. My application here did not turn out as I had expected; I was rejected at first but given a second chance after a few weeks. The disappointment was there because I thought I was not good enough. When I got assessed again, they told me that I had passed, and there my journey began.

August of 2021 was when I started my training here in Foundever, and I can say that the people here are great! I heard some of the leaders of the campaign I am supporting, and I was amazed at how good they are at expressing themselves and their communication skills. That urged me to improve further, as I have acknowledged that this is my weakness. Boosting my confidence was also something I have invested in since I was shy and timid; because of that, I got recognized as one of the performing agents, which led me to take a big step in my career and get the promotion to a Learning Specialist Track Trainee.

Now that I am a Learning Specialist Apprentice, I am on my way to getting the confirmation and will continuously do my best to influence people with Foundever’s people-first culture and ensure I am aligned with the campaign’s processes to have my trainees go above and beyond with their KPIs. Found here is life—where growth exists!


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