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Raul Quintero

When Foundever says, “We care about our associates”, they mean it.

Hi, my name is Raul Quintero, and I have been working for Foundever for about seven years. The best experience that I have lived working here happened last year.

In Nicaragua, between April through August were the hardest we had in the last decade due to a political conflict in the country. There were a lot of roadblocks, strikes, robbery, and the closure of multiples businesses made 2018 hard for Nicaraguans.

With the closures of places and an increase in unemployment, we were also starting to fear what our future could bring to the workers at Foundever. However, we were amazed by our leadership team. Instead of closing operations, they took a bold move to do more for the associates. They offered extra transportation 24/7, even they provided accommodation for people traveling from out of the city, to make it easy for them to come to work. For hundreds of employees and myself, it meant the world to see that a company cares that much for their people.

I do, and I still recommend whoever would like to come to work at Foundever, it is the best place they can go. Need a stable job? You got it! Need a place where you can feel welcome? Here we are! I am proud of this place, and I look forward to what the future brings!

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