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Raymond Bongcaras Garcia

As a starter, last 2014, I was rejected 7 times by other Business Process Outsourcing companies I have applied for as CSR. It was tough and difficult to get in, but I stood up 8 and got endorsed to Foundever Academy and I am beyond grateful for the opportunities they have given me until now, the support and guidance never change, but it elevates every time you reach the bar – and Foundever adds bar to keep you going. Foundever hones me as one of their talents and helps me continuously unleash my true potential.

Who would have thought that I would have been a resource to different sites, from Eton – Baguio – Tarlac, and to date – Eton as one of the support to launch new account.

It may not be easy as it sounds, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible – with collaboration, genuine support and motivation – Foundever continuously does it.

As to celebrate success of my 7 years and counting with Foundever, indeed, I am proud Foundever Academy completer and Foundever Max Insider and Foundever Kabarkada

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