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Aubrey Ssej Cornel

I started my journey at Foundever on 2018, it was during the airy summer season that I joined the company to free myself from four years of studying. My journey in the BPO industry started at Foundever where I felt it was a comfortable environment. I looked up to people who spoke English fluently. When I applied I felt nervous when I was called for my final interview. Time flew very fast. I felt that training was fun and enjoyable. I took phone calls for a few months and was recognized for my hard work which motivated me go further in my career. As a result, this led me to becoming a subject matter expert and slowly transitioned to taking supervisory calls. My journey was not easy despite all the challenges I went thru but I continued to work hard towards my goal on being part of the Learning Team. My dream was to be a teacher and this was the closest I can get to it. Despite the pandemic, I was able to support different sites in the Philippines such as Baguio, Bataan, La Union and Dagupan. Finally, I landed in Tarlac to train and support my recent campaign. Foundever has given me lots of opportunities and memories which I truly cherish and I’ll continue to share to inspire to inspire other on why I chose Foundever.

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