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Roger Ruiz

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I will tell you guys about my work at home experience. At first, I wanted just to wake up and jump into the computer, but it started to be tired and repetitive. So I had to make some adjustments in my routine. I started to rest more during the nights and wake up as soon as my body was fully rested, getting up to stretch out.

A daily shower is mandatory and also dress up comfortable, but prepared to work. Eat your breakfast in your dining room.

You need to find the most quiet place in your house so you can concentrate and avoid distractions. Make the workplace a respectful office; keep it clean and organized.

Be punctual to your meetings. Respect the time for breaks and lunch.

Concentrate the most you can and enjoy work while you are achieving goals. Keep the commitment to success and this will keep you pushing for good.

This is new to me since I have always worked on-site, but learned that we needed to adapt ASAP.

We will definitely have more challenges throughout this experience, but let’s make it great!


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