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Rohit Sasikumar

Well, it all started from my lack of confidence and a farrago of mishappenings I faced before I reached this beautiful country because my life was filled with unanswered conundrums. And it did burn me into ashes of hopes. It’s true that until and unless you believe in yourself, nothing fruitful will happen to you. But I never knew that choosing Poland was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Literally, Warsaw changed my life in all possible ways. I started from the point where I was told I’m not capable. I knew I wasn’t a sheeple to follow those instincts. “Foundever” I would say, turned out to be a big savior to my life, and was there to support and fulfill my biggest dreams relating to my higher studies and my survival in an unfamiliar country.

Certainly, I realised that I was forging ahead a new life out of nowhere. I could feel it that I was turning unassailable. My superiors, colleagues and friends did play a crucial role in aiding or molding me to what I am now or the titles I achieved within this organization. I truly respect the discernings of this organization and the work culture did entrust me a sense of clairvoyance for seeking something promising all the time and am still on the way to something promising challenging and interesting of course. I believe with Foundever I’ll achieve it as well. I would say my story might be an epitome for many juniors of mine to fight with fortitude holding gratitude for everything which will be paving a path to success. And fortunately, my story ends here for now and again I am rising from the same ashes like a phoenix!! Dreams do come true!

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