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Rossybell Esmeralda Rivas Hernandez

Hi, Rossybell here! I’ve been in Foundever for 1 year and a half, it has being such a wonderful and fun experience! It all started when I participated in a singing contest Foundever made in a Job fair, I won! And the prize was a a full scholarship in an English academy, I finished all my studies and received my title there. As soon as I turned 18 (3 days after my Birthday to be exact), I went to apply to Foundever, and as you are able to see, you hired me!

I had the amazing opportunity to be in the Flip program and it helped me a lot to learn about customer service, I had no job experience at all, but I grew up and now am pretty good at people skills! My sweet and calm voice helps a lot and also, the fact that I know how to empathize with my customers. I have created presentations for my campaign about “Positive language”, I always participate in all Foundever activities and I really enjoy motivating others to participate, I think it’s a wonderful way to have a good time while working!

My calls are always shown as an example of “Great customer service”, they play my interactions in trainings and also, one of my calls was chosen as the best from the Nicaragua Site and it’s participating in the CXpert competition at the Regional level, it feels so great when your hard work is recognized and rewarded. One of my goals is becoming part of the Marketing or Recruitment areas, I am pretty sure one day I will.

I’ve been wanting to become a MAX insider since the very beginning, and now that I have the opportunity, I am really happy to take it. I’m super active in social media and have lot of followers and I am excited by the idea of sharing a piece of Foundever and share with the rest the great place to work that we are in.


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