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Samuel Facon Jr.

I left working in the field earlier this year in March due to COVID-19. I immediately started looking for work from home and found Foundever.

I’ve become a Super Hero to both my wife and children, which has put many smiles on their faces! I’m very religious, so I’ve done my best to spread positivity with fellow neighbors regarding this “new norm” as we’re better for it. One thing that has changed for the better is our sense of awareness and appreciation for life as things can change in a heartbeat. I’m grateful the opportunity as it has allowed me to make up so much needed time with my wife and children as I’ve worked outside our home and traveled for work as well for years and had to see years in the trail…

Now, I go to the garage that I’ve transformed into my office lol! Kiss the wife and kids and start my day! All good, no complaints lol! 😎👊

United States

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