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Sava C.

It’s been less than a year since I’ve joined Foundever. Before that, I was looking for a job that had an established system that I could rely on and a healthy community. This is because at my last job, working as a support agent, and the one before that – as a video producer, had one or the other mentioned problem. At first, I hesitated to join, but I needed a job quickly, so I applied.

In the beginning, it was really stressful as I’m a slow learner and try to be meticulous at work as much as the time allows. Weeks went by, and it was becoming easier to handle daily tasks. So, I could focus on relationships with my colleagues, opportunities at Foundever and feel more confident in all activities. Colleagues were of great help along the way and I liked that everyone was working hard because it created a good atmosphere.

My job position as a call/email/chat support agent is great for learning stress control and priorities management, improving language skills, understanding how businesses work and meeting many people – both at work and abroad. Every month brings something new here at Foundever.

When I see that the system is organized, I feel the people’s effort and want to help. Especially when there is a clear action plan that shows what your task is, how to do it and why.

Last month, I was a top performer in the team for the first time! Being somewhat slow and dedicated to details, it was great to know that even though speed and management of priorities are crucial, I was able to pull it off. This is, of course, a teamwork achievement and I look forward to improving as I continue working here.

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