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Shane Jackson

When I joined Foundever in 2009, I had no idea if this was for me. I would consider myself shy, and not particularly eager to try new things. That seemed like a bad combination of things to be heading into a job as a customer service representative.

And I was right – at first, I wasn’t particularly good. But it turned out that I learned a lot of other things about myself. I’m a quick learner. Within a few weeks of graduating from my first class to be on the phones, I was finding myself retaining information and applying it, and I was successful. Soon I’d get chances to help other people with their calls, which I enjoyed.

As I continued on my career at Foundever, I found myself switching roles often. From Frontline to back office. Eventually, I found myself recruited to help with the reporting team, managing the queues from a workforce perspective. When that role moved, two and a half years later, to a central body off-site, I started to work at becoming a coach. Eventually, this involved a move to the work at home division of Foundever.

After a year and a half of that, I joined the workforce team at Foundever St. Catharines, once again. In this role I learned the workforce needs of many campaigns and even travelled to other sites, in Augusta, GA, Pompano Beach, FL, and Las Vegas, NV to work with teams in those sites, sharing best practices from St. Catharines. I’m very proud to currently serve as the Workforce Supervisor for the team in St. Catharines, and help with the workforce needs of many campaigns.

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