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Sirley Robayo

I have now with Foundever for 4 years and some more, I started as a voice representative with Frontier, but for personal reasons needed to leave, a year later, I was given the chance to come back as a chat advisor but due to my profile and career, as a teacher, I wanted to do more into the learning position, however, while I was taking chats I saw the coach position as a possible option to contemplate and thanks to the passion and encouragement from my boss at that time, I applied to it , and I don’t regret anything. I have found many roots and many reasons to make Foundever my home, and to appreciate every support and help from everyone. Since day one all the OMs, coaches and every part of ops has been a unique help, always a constant, a support, a family.

I still replicate my story to all my agents because I want for them to see me as I that support and as that push to get into development an a career to start inside the company

I share my story to tell others, so don’t give up and be the star of your own story, others will see that shine, be kind and inspire others


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