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Hi everybody!

I’d like to be called Sue. I’m a non-binary digital artist, and I’ve been working at Foundever for 3 years already. From the very beginning, I noticed an environment that inspired me to grow, I started as a customer service agent and now I’m a Learning Specialist.

People that have met me from the very first day notice that there has been a huge change in myself (for good!) and it’s all thanks to the confidence that I’ve learned within the company. Regardless of the campaign or the position, I’ve always been surrounded by people committed to work, to work together and never leave behind the human side, which has taught me so many things. More than a job, I find in Foundever a safe space, full of people that care about me, awesome coworkers (and I could even say that some of them became my closest friends).

Feeling as free as I do now, here, I plan to continue changing and working to be the person I want to be. I appreciate the company for giving us the space to be loud, which is what made us valid today.

Thank you!


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