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Yzel Glen Acevedo

I started being broken of what my father told me that my son and I wouldn’t go to school. I know my family has all the capacity to send us to school but hearing him say those words, it led me to pursue myself applying at Foundever even if all of my relatives always tell me to continue my studies. I went to Baguio without them knowing I was going to apply for a job. I gave my son to his father and I stayed in my friend’s apartment. I never said a word from my family about my plans. I had my first interview, assessments, and my final interview the same day. I got the job for an account that will start after a month so I posted on my Facebook account that I’m hired at Foundever. I made a promise to myself that I will focus on my job for the future of my son. I am now 4 months at Foundever and I already purchase an android phone (Realme C2) for my son. I’m not relying on them anymore. Foundever helped me to feel that I can be an adult for my son, that I can pursue and show my skills even if I haven’t finished my studies. Foundever made me feel that no matter what your status is, you are accepted and everyone is equal. You are not competing with others, you are competing with yourself to do more and build more. I feel more confident than before. My self-esteem went back and my depression has lessened. I enjoy my work a lot and my coach helps me to grow more. Foundever made me realize that there are many opportunities for everyone.

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