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Zamantha Mae Fajardo

The year of 2015, I was an undergraduate in Mass Communication, and the only thing that I know that I am good at would be my communication skills. As young and ambitious as I was, I went to Manila and started my journey by being a call center representative. I gained tenure and decided to apply to Foundever. I was part of the Pioneer site and always did my best as an agent to perform and meet KPIs. A year later, I heard that Foundever Palawan had been established. To share a little history, I got pregnant and that gave me the intent to be transferred to Palawan.
I was part of a Tech and Sales account as an agent for 7 months. I made sure to over-perform, wow customers, and be an outstanding agent. That by then gave me the opportunity to be promoted to Coach. I was an OCP Coach year 2018-2019 and handled Leadership Academy. I had the purpose of helping Coaches correct agent behaviors, train colleagues, and exchange ideas with them. I even had the opportunity of representing Foundever Palawan during an Inter-Company Convention and meeting our executives, traveling to Tarlac and Pampanga all Thanks to Foundever.

Foundever also opened the opportunity for me to study again. I had a very flexible schedule to accommodate my classes and I am due to graduate and finish my Bachelor’s degree next year. Having two kids and a working student, I recently applied as an Operations Manager and got accepted for the role. Despite the situation I am in, I was welcomed with open arms by Management.

I am eager to learn new things, meet new people, and build opportunities for our agents. I feel very privileged to be part of Foundever and still looking forward to how far my journey will take me.

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