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Archit Shah

My journey with Sitel started way back in 2004. I was as an agent then and in my 18 years of tenure, through my continuous endeavors, I was able to win the confidence of the management and joined an Account as an operations manager.

I continued my journey with Sitel because of its people’s first culture and Foundever has proved this to each and every employee time and again and the most recent example was the Pandemic. From receiving salaries on time to home pick up and drop, Sitel always extended their arm and held us close.

To be one of Foundever heroes and be part of a pilot team, gives me a pride and the boost that I need to ensure every business that I am aligned to goes successful.

To everyone wondering WHY Foundever, Why not Foundever? Even a paragraph would be less to explain why not. The lives Foundever has built, all I can say is Foundever – where your dreams come true!

Always proud to be a part of this wonderful team!

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