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Alijun Delliro

It feels like traveling back in time being a member of LGBTQIA+ which seems like a huge milestone in my twenty-five years of existence has been full of ups and downs. There were memories that still sometimes give me a bit of trauma and the hardest part was getting judgment from a lot of people just because I showed my true self.

I know myself better than anyone else. Being gay is not a hindrance or something that I should be ashamed of because I am proud that since high school, I became independent and was strong enough to face life alone on my own where I was able to excel in various fields of life. Adding to my achievement was being able to be part of Foundever community which is a company that gives equal treatment to all gender. Foundever is a company that encourages everyone to be bold and show their true self and value you as a perfect human being that is why I was able to perform my job really well and even became one of the top agents. I was able to work every day without being intoxicated by the bias and judgment of other people and happy to become part of Foundever as a proud LGBTQIA+ member.

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