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Princess Aujie Montante

Foundever is more than a company that helped pay my bills; Foundever is family.
In response to the call for personal independence and responsibilities in all aspects of being, I entered the world of paid employment. A month after my birthday in 2018, three days after taking off my leg cast due to a vehicular accident, I responded to a friend’s invite to become part of Foundever and become a “Foundever Ka-Barkada”. Luckily, I passed all the assessments and was endorsed to an account With my passion and dedication in providing excellent customer service, I was awarded my first Foundever Passion Award in 2018.
From one campaign, I moved to another; this time supporting voice. After a few months of taking in calls, I was promoted to the Learning Specialist Track Trainee role. In this venture, I learned a lot. Training, seminars, and workshops I’ve attended hone not only my professional behavior but also contributed to my personal growth. With the help of my colleagues, I became more comfortable being open and approachable to people without compromising my standards and boundaries. The result of a whole shift in life perspectives and the noticeable “commendable” attitude to work, people, and circumstances inked my Foundever Story.

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