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Amber Mooring

I joined Foundever on March 20th of 2017. I was 18 years old, and all of my plans for after high school had failed miserably. I remember a co-worker telling me about a friend that worked at Foundever and all these benefits and the amazing opportunities they had. Instantly, I thought that sounds like a job for me. I applied right away and got the job!!!

About one year in, my OM offered me a position as QA. It was an opportunity to help agents grow…who could say no to that? About another three months in, a coaching position opened, (I applied for the job before but didn’t hear anything back). I was debating about applying. I just got QA, and didn’t want to push my luck. The same OM went up to me and said you are going to apply for coach. My point is: if you are unsure of your strengths, your managers are not and push you to better yourself and others. That’s what makes Foundever, Foundever.

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