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Maria Molina

Hi everyone! My name is Maria del Mar Molina, also known as Maria Molina but my close friends call me Mar. I was born and raised in Foundever – Nicaragua, started when I was 19 years old, and ten years later, here I am. I can easily say that Foundever has seen me grow professionally and personally, it has been an amazing journey!

I became part of this marvelous family because, as many young adults, I was trying to pay for school and become financially independent. Luckily, I didn’t only find a stable job that allowed me to go to school while working, but I was also able to find a second home. This very large family has allowed me to evolve within time, moving from front line agent in 2009 to Operations Manager, always aiming to be the best version of ourselves.

My favorite thing about my Foundever career is the people. Every single person I have had the opportunity to work with was able to create an impact. People can truly make a difference in life. I still remember the little things I knew when I first started and all the things I have accomplished. From having a home and a family on my own, to being able to create teams that can have major impact in our day to day operations — two different types of family, one at heart.

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