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Shan Babiera

Hi! I’m Shan and I have been with Foundever Philippines for 12 years now.

I was hired as a Communications Coach for one of the technical accounts in Baguio in 2007. Back then, moving to Baguio from the Metro was not an easy feat – it was an 8-hour drive up north. I moved here wanting a more laid back atmosphere to raise my then one-year-old daughter. I chose Baguio as it is the summer capital of the Philippines, the City of Pines. The decision to move was made easier by the fact that most of my friends from University were working at Foundever at the time. Like many university graduates in our country, I did not expect to stay in the BPO industry. I did not think that I could build my career here. Needless to say, I proved that to be wrong in my 5th year in the company. Right as things were getting tougher than usual, and I was transitioning from a Learning Specialist role to production Coach role, I realized – THIS WAS HOME.

What happened in my fifth year? The first account I worked with decided to move their technical support and customer service desk onshore. Almost 300+ employees and support needed to be placed in other accounts and it was a very emotional and tumultuous time for all of us. As a Coach who just entered the OM track training program, it was a great challenge and learning experience for me. At the time another BPO (my first company) was calling me to help pioneer a site in Baguio. The easy decision was to leave. However, seeing my colleagues turned friends and family fight the good fight, delivering the magic of customer service to the very last call, inspired me to stay and grow my career in Foundever.

Fast forward to today, I am now with the Leadership Development team. Using my combined experience as a Learning Specialist, a Coach, and an Operations Manager, I am given a bigger platform to share everything that I gained in my years of service. I love what I do and it doesn’t feel like a job at all! The satisfaction I get seeing people, who like me, went through Foundever’s many people programs AND became successful brings me so much joy! I feel fulfilled in knowing that I am empowered to empower more people. Twelve wonderful and fruitful years and more to come!

I am home. 🙂

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