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Angela Dias

I am Angela Dias; I started working at Foundever in the 2nd half of 2015 as Central Purchasing Officer in Global Procurement Team at Mumbai, India.

When my journey started in Foundever, there were Leadership banners all over our site. Looking at them and the work they do, I felt motivated and thought this time I am in the right place to work. As I always dreamt of in my previous ventures. This is the first venture where I have served long tenure and wish to add more. I will never regret the day I became part of the Foundever Family.

I am a very reserved person and hence, I am shy to speak in front of a group of people unless I know them well. Since I am from the Procurement Team, I have to interact with stakeholders and vendors with different requirements, and this helped me to develop confidence in me over time.

I love working at Foundever and feel like home as people around are so well-mannered, full of gratitude.

Now that I am a part of Max Team as a Max Insider I am really very excited about the new things coming my way and for new experiences to share.

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