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Bryan Runatay

Hi! My name is Bryan. I’ve been with Foundever for 9+ years now. Let me tell you my Foundever story.

I started as an aspiring BPO employee in 2008 when I joined Foundever to support a technical account in Baguio. Everything was going as planned until I failed my final certification. YES! I failed my final certification. I felt bad because I’m not used to failures.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time, more intelligently.” – Henry Ford

Back then, I thought it was the end of my BPO career. Already dismissed the idea that I belong in this industry, that this is not for me. Until one day, Foundever called and asked me to report back to work. This time, to support an airline campaign. I spent 18 months supporting that airline campaign when I decided to leave in 2009 for another opportunity. My plan of moving elsewhere didn’t materialize, so when my previous supervisor convinced me to reapply, I didn’t hesitate. I went back to Foundever to reapply and got in! I AM BACK!

“Great things come to those who wait.” – Abe Lincoln

I started supporting a publishing campaign in 2010 as an agent supporting one of the 3 LOBs. I still remember the first day I sat in the training room. I already had a game plan. First, become part of the escalations queue; then, a Quality Analyst. And I was right on point with my game plan. I became part of the escalations queue on my 4th month and then QA on my 7th.

When the Learning Specialist post became available, I took the chance and applied. I officially joined the training team in 2011, supporting 3 LOBs. I was also given a chance to launch a project which I spearheaded, where processes were aligned across all LOBs.

This also gave me an opportunity to travel abroad when we were sent to the US for Tier 2 training.

“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Roy T. Bennett

Moving to Puerto Princesa 3 years ago, I would say, was one of the best decisions I made so far. It gave me the opportunity to grow further and be the better version of myself. I was given a chance to show my leadership skills as I acted as the POC whenever my Learning Manager is offsite. I also became a Strategic Partner Master Trainer for the campaign I am supporting. With all the training and guidance I am getting, I knew I was ready for a bigger role.

I took the chance to apply for a Learning Manager position when my Manager then decided to move to another department. I got to the Learning Manager Track Trainee post in 2018 and was confirmed as a full-fledged Learning Manager in April 2019. I am currently managing the learning department of the first premium technical campaign in our Palawan site.

Foundever has been my longest nonfamilial relationship to date, and the idea of leaving is not even in sight. Why? Simply because Foundever is FAMILY. Foundever is HOME!

And oh..did I mention that Foundever and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in January 2020?


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