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Luis Martinez

I’m Luis Martinez. My first day of training was on 01/05/2015 and the site was nothing compared to what it is today. One of the main reasons for me staying here it’s because the company is always looking to enhance the employees’ experience, making them feel comfortable and launching surveys every once in a while. The feedback is always heard and the actions taken are a reflection of our management listening.

Back in the day, I knew how to take calls because years ago, I worked for a technical support company. At the very beginning, I was afraid of forcing myself to achieve those goals, but within 3 or 4 weeks, the coaches encouraged me to do so. In the following weeks, I had become an agent that was capable of finishing his shift with at least 2 or 3 sales per day.

I felt really proud of discovering that skill and proud of the people that supported me and were sure I was capable of it. After that, I challenged myself to learn how to fix every single error on the system and every policy of the client to make sure I was doing every transaction the way it was supposed to be done. By the 4th month of my being on the floor, I was being considered by supervisors and managers as support for the operation and I was really happy.

Later I transitioned as a mentor for OCP and stayed there for a year. Then a new department was created designated to support agents with real-time escalations. I moved there for a new project. Why not? Then we were assigned as coach assistants, new tasks, new things to deliver, new expectations. Now I’m a coach for the campaign, and well, I think San Pedro has helped me develop myself a lot. This is the first job where I have felt comfortable all the time. I have seen how the company fights to bring everyone a stable environment of fun and comfort, not for mediocrity, strive for excellence. Sergio Rojas and Gollo Castruita are the best managers ever.

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